Friend Speak

Friend Speak

Free English Conversation Practice Sessions

Come and join us for free English practice sessions to improve your skill of the language through conversation. Practice sessions are available in a friendly atmosphere with volunteers ready to assist you become a more proficient English speaker.

  • Individual conversation practice
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • 45-60 minute sessions
  • Volunteer program - so it is free!
  • Weekly appointments available
  • Flexible times
  • Sponsored by Friend's Speak and Pratt Parkway Christians
  • All English learners welcome!

Call 720-980-1183 to sign up or ask questions. You can register immediately for a session.

A volunteer service of Pratt Parkway Christians.
1601 S. Pratt Pkwy, Longmont, CO


Every Member a Minister

A minister isn't just the one who stands in the pulpit and delivers a sermon every week. In the Bible, Epaphras, Tychicus, Paul, Timothy and Phoebe were all described as ministers (from the Greek word diakonos). Like the 2 or 5 talent men who each doubled their master's money, there are gifts that we can develop and improve upon.

We are called to be ministers using the talents that we have been blessed with. How does your talent help you to serve another?

  1. Bible Class
    6/23/24 09:30am
  2. Worship Service
    6/23/24 10:30am
  3. Longmont Youth Weekend
    6/23/24 07:00pm
  4. Bible Class
    6/26/24 07:00pm
  5. Monthly Singing
    6/26/24 07:00pm
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